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Licensing great music for your video, film and photo projects has never been easier....or more affordable.

Quantum Music Works Inc. is a leading, boutique music licensing agency that is home to a large and expanding community of world class, hand selected, established and emerging composers and independent artists from around the world whose original work is available for you to license and synchronize within your productions.


Our music licenses cover everything from Indie Film, Feature Films, TV Commercials, Corporate & Small Business Videos, Photo Slideshows, YouTube & Facebook Videos, Kickstarter Videos, Charity & Nonprofit Films, Podcasts and so much more. Our team is here to help you find and license the perfect music for any project.

Here’s how it works...

When you find a track(s) which works well for your project, click on the Shopping Cart symbol then click Buy License.
The license generator will appear and you will be required to select a project type

Film or Video:
For any type of film or video whether for personal or business use.

App or Game:
Producing an app or game for personal, non-commercial or commercial use.

Creating an individual podcast or series

Any other project to which music is applied, for example, radio programs, physical products, etc.

The license generator will direct you, through a maximum of 3 easy steps, to the final license price which is based on the choices you made, according to your project usage.
Prices for online, standard licenses start from $39.

You may find that a Custom license is necessary for your project. Custom licenses are necessary for larger scale or less common projects where a review is necessary to determine the correct price. In certain cases, the artist will be contacted to ensure that they agree to the terms and conditions of your project.  Generally, custom licenses are reviewed and priced within 48 hours.

Film and Video Projects are; 

Wedding And Personal Wedding and Personal Event:
For weddings or personal event usage only (photographic slideshows included) which can be posted on video sharing websites and social media. Up to 50 hard copies can be produced for non-commercial distribution.
Not Permitted: Broadcast & commercial use. Custom License required 

Business Business and Corporate:
For a film or slideshow, non-broadcast media (giveaways, trade show displays, etc.) representing a business or corporation and conveying informational content on the company including events coverage and highlights. Licensing choices include web streaming, company internal use (training sessions, meetings or other internal events) and external use (limited to trade shows and other business-related live events).
Not Permitted: Promotion of specific products or services, fundraising campaigns or any profit generating venture such as DVD or other merchandise sales, broadcast media, etc. Custom license required.

Film or Video Independent Film:
For student, short and independent films and film festival presentations and non-revenue generating online streaming.
Not permitted: Any commercial release, DVD sales, premium streaming or on demand services. Custom license required.

Broadcast Broadcast:
Any film or video which will be
broadcast on radio, TV, in theaters and stadiums or on demand. Includes advertising 
Non-Profit Organization: Film or slideshow made for registered non-profit organizations and charities, churches and ministries, schools and higher learning institutions. Streaming (except premium services), on social media platforms and on a website of relevant school, charity or non-profit group plus presenting the production at internal and external events are all permitted.
Not permitted: Promotion of specific products or services, fundraising campaigns or any revenue generating initiative by means of ticket sales to watch the film or retail (DVD sales, etc.) and premium Streaming services. Custom license required.

House3 Real Estate:
For use in one (or multiple, if selected) videos, slideshow or virtual tour of a residential property only for an online website, MLS and related real estate sites, sales presentations and up to 50 giveaway DVDs.
Not permitted: Commercial Use, including business or corporate listings (Hotels, chains, stores office buildings and commercial spaces).

group App or Game:
If you are designing and building an app or a game we offer non-commercial and commercial licensing.
Non-Commercial: AN app or game which has no commercial value (free download, non-monetized)
Commercial: Produce an app or game which is used to generate revenue (requiring a fee to download or subscribe)

If you have any questions or concerns please CONTACT US - we're always here to help!

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