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Music Licenses

What is a music license?

A music license is an agreement made between you and a music licensing company (Quantum Music Works) which permits you to use a piece of copyrighted music in a project with certain terms and conditions of usage.

What is royalty free music?

Royalty free music is an ambiguous term originally used for music which could be used without royalties being paid to the composer or publisher. Nowadays, most composers are registered with a PRS (performance rights society) which pays royalties to its members for music which is broadcast. For all intents and purposes, all music which is available on our website is ‘royalty free’ unless it is used for broadcast on TV, radio, in theatres and public places.

What is production music?

Production music or stock music are terms used to describe music which is available non-exclusively for use in film, video or other projects where synchronization is required.

Who has to pay music licensing fees?

Anyone using copyrighted music in a film or video must pay licensing fees unless they have created, own and published the music themselves. Using music which has not been cleared by a licensing company is infringing on copyright law and can result in fines being levied and/or legal action being taken

Can I use your music for different projects?

Each license sold is single-use only. You cannot use the music for multiple projects, even if those projects are related. For example, if you use the track for an intro to an audio book then decided to use the track to promote your book in a commercial this would not be permitted. Those are 2 different purposes and would require separate licenses.

What is copyrighted music?

Copyright literally means the right to copy. When it comes to music, the creator is the only person with that right. In other words, no one else is permitted to copy their music. This is the same for all intellectual property. Every single piece of music on our website is copyrighted. When a license is purchased, you are granted synchronization rights only.

How much does a music license cost?

The price of a music license is determined by many factors: type of project (commercial or non-commercial), duration (specific time period or in perpetuity) and scale of project (from personal video to major brand, TV advertising). At Quantum Music Works, non-commercial licenses start at $39.00.

How do I request a Custom License?

Custom Licenses are only necessary for Signature Artists' music where your project type is not provided in the license generator. Please complete the Custom License Form

How long is a music licence good for?

All of our non-commercial licenses are in perpetuity. These licenses can be purchased online. For commercial licenses, the duration can be from a week to a lifetime. Anything is possible with custom licensing.


If you have licensed music from Quantum Music Works and received a copyright notice, don’t be alarmed. This does not mean that you have violated any copyright laws and can be easily rectified.

Why did I get a copyright notice?

The reason is that You Tube’s content ID system has matched elements of your video with copyright protected material (belonging to someone else). You Tube cannot determine whether a license has been granted to use the music or not, therefore an automated notification is sent to you.

How Can I Remove the Notice?

To remove the notice you will have to dispute it by going to the copyright notices section in your Video Manager. Here, you will find information about the ‘copyrighted’ material found on your video and who is claiming ownership.

Often, misidentification (particularly common with classical music) can be the cause or a composer on our roster may have chosen to monetize the video by running ads against it. We do not permit any of our composers to be involved in this practice but if an irregularity occurs, we will ensure that the composer clears the notice as quickly as possible.

When you dispute the claim, please make sure to include the proof of purchase issued by Quantum Music Works at the time your music file was purchased.

Disputes can take up to 30 days to resolve. Unfortunately, we are unable to intervene but assure you that your license is valid and that we will assist in any way we can.

Website Features

Our website is loaded with special features with more unlocked as your membership level increases.


When you sign up as a member you can access our wish list feature. Create as many lists as you like and share them with friends, colleagues and clients.

Play History

This feature is essential for anyone looking for the perfect track. There is nothing worse than sitting for hours listening to music from a filtered search and having to start over again at a different time or on a different day. This feature remembers your choices and stores your play history in your member’s area.

15 Second Play Through

If you do not have the time or inclination to listen to each full length tracks switch on the 15 second toggle in the player. This will trigger a time limit of 15 seconds on each track allowing you to sample each selection. This feature is great for editors and people on the go. Remember, each selection which is played will also be stored in your Play History.


Why is there a voice speaking on each track?

The voice which you hear is called an audio watermark. Placed every 15 seconds or so, throughout each song, these audio watermarks are used as a measure to protect our composers’ and artists’ work. Designed in part as an irritant, it prevents people from using the music illegally. It also helps us to track and detect unlicensed usage of our music on You Tube and other platforms.

Does the watermark disappear when I buy a track?

Yes, when you purchase track the watermark is removed. It is only audible in the download demo

Can I listen to tracks without watermarks?

If you sign-up as a member and create a user profile the audio watermarks will be unlocked for you.

Can I download demos without the watermarks?

This is possible but only for customers who have previously purchased a music track from us. Once you have made a purchase, you will be invited to unlock the watermark-free, demo downloads.

How do I download my files?

Your file(s) can be accessed through your downloads area. Login (if you aren’t already) by clicking the ‘Person’ icon in the top right corner of your screen. Use the email address and password which you used when you created your profile which was necessary before purchase.

Why can’t my friends see my wish lists?

Wish lists are only accessible by members so if you would like to share with friends or clients, they will have to register as basic member – i.e. set-up a profile with an email address and password. Once registered, they will be able to access your playlists and enjoy your good taste in music.

Composer Submissions

Composer Submissions

Quantum Music Works is not a marketplace site. We do not permit composers to create accounts and upload their own material.

Our music consultants hand select composers whose music, in our opinion, best suits the needs of our clients.

If you would like Quantum Music Works to consider your catalog for inclusion please visit our Composer Submissions page for more details.

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