About Us

Licensing great music for your video, film and photo projects has never been easier....or more affordable.

Quantum Music Works Inc. is a leading, boutique music licensing agency that is home to a large and expanding community of world class, hand selected, established and emerging composers and independent artists from around the world whose original work is available for you to license and synchronize within your productions

Our music licenses cover everything from: Indie Film, Feature Films, TV Commercials, Corporate & Small Business Videos, Photo Slideshows, YouTube & Facebook Videos, Kickstarter Videos, Charity & Non-profit Films, Podcasts and so much more. Our team is here to help you find and license the perfect music for any project. 

For us, collectively as creators, performers, educators, consumers and licensors, our many years of experience in the industry have made us acutely aware of the power of music and its relevance in film and media.

For you, as a filmmaker, videographer, photographer, producer, ad agency, music supervisor or other creative professional, the impact of your project can be enhanced immeasurably by the perfect soundtrack.

Our top priority is to provide you with engaging and effective music, to help tell your story.

Our Services

Quantum Music Works is a tailor-made, destination for all creative professionals in the form of a truly customized, responsive website. We offer an unsurpassed library of music which will satisfy all budgets and tastes.

Appreciating that there are many different uses for music, and many different users of music, we commit to making our library as diverse as possible. We cater to all music users so whether your project requires epic background music for a movie trailer or an intimate song for a wedding video, motivational music for a major brand, advertising campaign or a dreamy cinematic score, we have you covered.

All music is pre-cleared (synch and master rights) for online licensing.

Our artists are composers and independent recording artists whose material is licensable for non-commercial and commercial purposes (with some exceptions and limitations).
Their songs and instrumentals are unique and stylistically define the song writer, band or musician. In many cases, their music can only be found at Quantum Music Works, therefore, a more customized soundtrack is achieved for your project. All tracks are specifically written and produced with the filmmaker in mind. Tried, tested and true, they can be used for any purpose, whatsoever.

What makes Quantum Music Works so unique?

Simply put, an unmatched user interface and exceptional customer service.

We listened to, researched and read in depth about our clients’ requirements and expectations from a music licensing company. For 2 years, we have been developing and engineering a website with the express hope of surpassing all of your expectations. Quantum Music Works is built on a singular, secure and stable platform. We have loaded our site with every tool currently available to help accelerate your search, organize your favorite tracks and facilitate licensing, storing and downloading your music and documents.

Quantum Music Works features include:

  • Fast and Responsive Search - whether on your phone, laptop or PC our site has been developed with speed and efficiency in mind.
  • Keyboard Controls – use your right, left, back and forward arrows to navigate quickly through each track and listings page.
  • Play All – click this feature and each track will automatically and continuously play from the list displayed.
  • 15 Seconds Playback – if you’re in a time crunch, click the 15 seconds switch on the player and each track will play for 30 seconds only, giving you a taste of each selection.
  • Combine both All Play and 15 Seconds for a hands free experience!
  • Play back History – once logged in, you can view your Play History. This is a really useful feature for those on the go.
  • Waveform Selector – matching the flow of your project to corresponding music tracks will save a valuable amount of time.
  • Multiple Wish Lists – create as many wish lists as you like. Make notes on each list and keep track of which music you are considering for any given project. Share with a friend, colleague or client.
  • Watermark-Free Demo Downloads – once you have purchased from Quantum Music Works you are automatically eligible to download non-watermarked demos. We appreciate that watermarks can be both a hindrance and a distraction but protecting our artist’s work from music thieves is vital. For legitimate licensees, these watermarks are removed as a courtesy and convenience.
  • Filtered Search by Artist, Genre, Mood, Instrument, Waveform, Length and Tempo – choose from multiple comprehensive lists and quickly narrow your search.
  • Shareable Playlists – lists of mood specific songs to help you find the perfect track (or just enjoy listening!)
  • Lyric Finder – If you are looking for a particular word or phrase type it into the lyric finder and a list of songs containing that word will be displayed. Lyrics are also viewable on each vocal track’s individual page.

Undeniably customer-centric, we are here to help. Our team of music consultants is more than familiar with our catalog of music and we are happy to share our knowledge and expertise. Email, call or reach out to us on social media. We’d love to hear from you.

Welcome to the Quantum Music Works Community.

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